Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What's happening...

Well, all attempts to keep this updated for a while have failed. My ASL gaming time has dropped to zero as I devote time to finding a job. My regular opponent has called round twice for a game and both times we just ended up chatting and never actually getting the counters out! I'm away for two weeks from Friday so it's going to be next month at least before we even try and play again.

VASL has gone as well. I've been playing through the Operation Watchtower scenarios with Aaron Sibley. We've had some great games but this too has stalled. I'm still hoping to make Intensive Fire in Bournemouth in October but it all depends on work. If I have a job I may not have the time. If I don't have a job then I won't be able to afford it!

I've even cut down on the ASL forums. Most of the posts aren't worth the effort anyway - harsh I know :-). But I just can't seem to get interested in it at the moment. I've got various programming projects I want to try - a SASL extension for VASL, a new eASLRB, some web stuff etc. - but can't motivate myself. I've just spent most of the morning reading the sections in time management and procrastination at www.mintools.com...

Things will get going soon, I'm sure but until then all life outside of Real Life is on hold...



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