Friday, July 27, 2007

Changes and such...

Well, sat in the middle of nowhere in Cornwall. Well, maybe not the middle. I can see the middle from the windows just beyond the back of beyond...but you get the picture!

But they have broadband! Rather slow as at the end of the line but I'm not complaining. Can't get a mobile signal for love nor money though!

UPDATE: have a job. Not ideal. Pay could be better. But it will pay the bills for a while and it's permanent, Council. Doesn't quite fit into my Open Source ideals - Visual Basic and Oracle - but it would be hard to have such ideals if I don't have a house to plug the computer in!

SO hopefully stuff - ASL Stuff - can start up again. Have to wait until the beginning of August when I get back home and job may not start until 1st September. They need to do CRB checks etc. so hopefully nothing in my murky past will come back to haunt! :-)

Main thing is that hopefully I can get to Bournemouth now. Work permitting of course.

Back again soon.


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